5 Reasons You Need Hair Extensions In Your Life

If someone says the words “hair extensions” what is the first thing that pops into your mind? If you said longer hair you answered the same as around 99% of the rest of the world. While it is true that hair extensions can give you longer hair, that is not their only purpose. Many people view extensions as a luxury, but after we’ve shared a few of their many benefits with you, you just might find yourself thinking they are more of a necessity.

Increase Thickness and Volume

Everyone knows that hair extensions can give you longer hair, but did you know that you can keep your hair the same length and add extensions to give you thicker hair with more volume? This is a dream come true for those that were born with thin, limp hair as well as those suffering from hair loss. Extensions can be strategically placed to build up the volume or fill in thin spots to replace hair that’s been lost.

Decreases Styling Time

If you have naturally fine hair you know too well the struggle of spending hours of your life trying to create the perfect amount of lift and volume for an awesome new hairstyle. Hair extensions give you that lift and volume instantly allowing you to create those voluptuous hairstyles without fear of them falling flat just a couple of hours later. Extensions will help you get back to living your life instead of fighting with your hair.

Damage Free Experimentation

Everyone gets tired of their same old hairstyle and color from time to time, but many are often reluctant to change things up for fear of damaging their mane. Extensions give you the freedom to experiment with length, thickness, and even pops of color without risking damage to your strands.

Put An End to Haircut Regret

If you’ve never had a bad haircut, either you aren’t that picky about your hair or you’ve never had it cut. We all know that sinking feeling when the stylist turns that chair around and you look in the mirror and what you see is nothing like what you’d imagined. Bad haircuts happen. Sometimes it’s a communication issue and the stylist didn’t fully understand what you wanted, and sometimes it’s just because you chose a cut that is less than flattering on you. Either way, you don’t have to live with that regret for months while you wait for it to grow back. Hair extensions can restore your hair instantly.

Add Instant Glamor for Special Events

If you have a special event coming up soon that you want to look especially glamorous for, hair extensions are the answer. They will add the length and volume to give you the wow factor you’re looking for. Extensions will glam up any style, but they’re especially useful for those with shorter hair because they will open a whole new world of hairstyle possibilities for them. Brides-to-be may want to consider adding extensions to their bridal style as well to help them look even more stunning on their special day.

The hair extension experts at 209 Salon will be happy to help you discover all the wonderful benefits of hair extensions. We’ll help you choose the right length and color to compliment your hair and help you achieve the styles you want. Give us a call at 972.548.2815 to schedule your consultation today. You can also book an appointment online or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to book your appointments, get appointment reminders, specials, and more. You can find us at 5801 Virginia Parkway, Suite #204 in McKinney.


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