Add Bangs To Your Hairstyle For A Fun Summer Update

Summer is fast approaching and if you are looking for a way to give your hairstyle a fun update for the season without making too drastic of a change, consider adding bangs to your style. A fun fringe is a perfect way to totally transform your look without sacrificing the rest of your style. They will give you a youthful vibe and add a lot of texture and interest to your warm weather updos, not to mention they will help keep the sun out of your eyes.

Bangs may have fallen out of favor for a while, but they recently started making a comeback. Now they appear to be a beauty staple that is here to stay. Perhaps it’s their ability to change the look of a hairstyle with just a few scissor snips that have led to their recent return to fame. Whatever the reason we are in love with the fun vibes a simple fringe can bring to a style and we’re sure you soon will be too. Here are a few styles of bangs that can make a major impact with minimal effort to help you add a bit of flirty fun to your style this summer.

Blunt-Cut Bangs

Blunt-cut bangs look fantastic with super shiny straight hair, especially if you pair them with a blunt bob. It’s a clean-cut look with stark lines that give you a very professional and put-together image without having to work hard to get it. Simply blow your hair dry and spritz on some hairspray to smooth any flyaways and you are ready to go.

Cool Curtain Bangs

If you’re looking for the perfect compliment to a sleek and simple ponytail look no further. Curtain bangs have long soft angles to add an elegant charm to your signature summer style. It’s an easygoing and carefree look that is perfect for the season.

Simply Side Swept

Side-swept bangs are perfect for someone who likes a simple yet soft and feminine look. You can create a sweet girlish look in minutes with an angled part and bangs swept softly to one side. Your style doesn’t have to be elaborate to look fantastic.

Daring Baby Bangs

This micro fringe is super short, ending above the eyebrows. It’s a trendy look that is quite daring and not for the faint of heart. If you want to make a bold statement with your bangs this summer, baby bangs may be the way to do it. They’re a fun finish for any summer style.

Chic Punk Grunge

The grunge look is steadily gaining in popularity and with it comes a range of edgy hairstyles. Adding choppy bangs to your style is a great way to capture a bit of that punk feel for yourself. This style of fringe can give any summer style a chic but edgy look.

Soft Wispy Fringe

Thin wispy bangs are a great way to add a youthful feel to any hairstyle. They are light and airy, which is perfect for summer, yet they help to camouflage any fine lines and wrinkles instantly for a more bright-eyed and youthful look.

Whatever style of bangs you choose when updating your style for summer, you can keep them in place with a spritz of Kerastase Laque Couture Hair Spray. It’s humidity resistant making it the perfect way to keep your fringe from fluffing up with frizz when there is excess moisture in the air.

The stylists here at 209 Salon would love the opportunity to help you choose the perfect fringe to give your hairstyle a fast and fun update for summer. When you’re ready to make the change give us a call at 972.548.2815 to schedule your haircut today. You can also book an appointment online or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to book your appointments, get appointment reminders, specials, and more. You can find us at 5801 Virginia Parkway, Suite #204 in McKinney.


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