Cozy Warm Hair Colors For The Final Days Of Winter

The final days of winter seem to stretch on forever as we look forward to and dream of the warmer days of spring. As we endure the last of the cold weather we can help beat the late winter blues with a cozy warm hair color. Many of the top picks this year are inspired by mouth-watering culinary confections.

Sunny Buttercream Blonde

What better to accompany a steaming cup of tea on a cold winter day than a cupcake topped with fluffy, pale yellow buttercream frosting? This is the inspiration for this sunny warm hair color. With your previous summer’s tan nearly gone this light color will perfectly compliment your more fair winter complexion. To avoid brassiness in this buttery blonde you’ll want to pop into the salon every so often for a toner to keep your color soft and creamy.

Toasted Mushroom

Mushroom brown is typically cool to a neutral color, but this season this color takes on a toasted appearance by combining warm brown, golden blonde, and taupe rather than the traditional ashy tones. This shade falls somewhere between blonde and brunette making it the perfect warm and earthy compromise for those who can’t decide between the two.

Strawberry Blonde

Soft honey blonde with a light kiss of copper is a great warm shade to help you transition from the darker colors of winter to the lighter colors of spring. Start with a darker shade for these last few weeks of winter and lightening things up with more golden highlights when you come in for a touchup in a few weeks.

Peach Gold

This is a spin on the classic rose gold color. It’s a soft golden blonde tinted with pastel peach instead of rose. More subtle than copper this light peach color has a little warmer feel than the pink tinge of rose gold making it well suited for a variety of warm skin tones from light to dark.

Shimmering Pearl

If you want to give very light blonde, platinum, or gray hair an update try this magical shade. This shimmering pearlescent ivory color brightens your eyes and gives your complexion an otherworldly glow. This is a color that will work for anyone of any age or skin tone.

Cherry Cola

Brunettes are on trend to take 2023 by storm and the rich chocolate brown and deep cherry red tones of this color offer a playful take on the trend with stunning results. This hair color works best with warm, dark skin tones, though nearly anyone can pull it off. If you’re looking for a color that will make everyone do a double-take, this is it.

Honey Beige

Experts are predicting honey beige to be one of the top picks for blondes this spring, due in part to the fact that more people are taking a minimalist approach to beauty. The soft beige of this color lends itself well to a warm honey balayage for the look of natural sunkissed highlights.

Liquid Copper

Fiery red copper locks are rare and coveted as it is, but give them the liquid hair treatment and this molten metal shade will make you the envy of all. A high gloss glaze is applied to the color to achieve the liquid effect. It gives your strands the high shine of sunlight dancing on water.

Illuminated Brunette

This deep chocolate brown base takes on an inner glow with full golden highlights. This is a dynamic color that is filled with light and movement from any angle. It’s a fairly low-maintenance choice for dark-haired gals which only adds to its appeal.

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