Festive Holiday Hairstyles For Every Occasion

The 2022 holiday season is officially here, and the holidays are fast approaching. This means that the pressure is on to get not only the shopping and celebration preparations done, but also to plan your holiday wardrobe and hairstyles. The last thing anyone wants to be doing when preparing for a delicious family feast or a swanky office party is spending hours styling their hair, but you still want to look like you did. We’ve pulled together some simple DIY hairstyles that are perfect for any holiday get-together.

Light Up Braids

If you’d really like a hairstyle that will really grab some attention without spending all afternoon on it, this is the one for you. The key element in this hairstyle is an LED light-up necklace, or two if you want double braids. You’ll start by clipping one end of the necklace at the point where you’re going to start your braid and then incorporate the necklace into one strand of the braid. If your hair is shorter than the necklace, clip the necklace center at the top of the braid and work each side into a strand of the braid. This works especially well with French braids and Dutch braids.

Twisted Tinsel

A sleek and elegant twist takes on a festive flare when you add in a strand of tinsel. Just pin the strand at the base of your twist and allow it to twirl with your hair. It will add just the right amount of fun sparkle to your holiday style.

Glamorous Hollywood Waves

If your event calls for a touch of glamor, look no further than this classic style. These iconic waves are as glamorous as it gets, and they’re easy to create. All it requires is to loosely curl your hair all in the same direction and then brush out and smooth it to form continuous, uniform waves. Spritz with shine spray to set and add plenty of sparkles.

Frosted Bun

Whether you prefer a sleek ballerina bun or a loose messy bun you can make it glisten like bright morning frost or freshly fallen snow by adding a spritz of sheer glitter hairspray. Give it even more bling with some diamond studded or glittery snowflake hair pins to hold it all in place.

Hair Bows and Ribbons

While having fun wrapping and decorating packages, take some inspiration for your hair. Half-up style styled into a literal hair bow is a really fun and beautiful look for the holidays. And some pretty ribbons interwoven into braids and tied in a pretty bow at the end are another fun look for your festivities.

Knotted Chignon

The classic chignon gets an update here with the addition of a knot. Beginning with a low ponytail, twist two-thirds of it into a bun and secure it with pins. Pull the remaining one-third up loosely over the bun and pin at the center top. Divide the remainder into two equal sections and tie in a knot just as you would when tying a bow. Hide the tails under the sides of the bun with pins.

The stylists here at 209 Salon would love the opportunity to create a gorgeous holiday hairstyle for you. Whether you’d like a new winter color, highlights, or just a beautiful blowout style we have the salon services and expert skills to meet your holiday hair needs. Call us at 972.548.2815, use our convenient online booking tool, or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to book your appointments, get appointment reminders, specials, and more. You can find us at 5801 Virginia Parkway, Suite #204 in McKinney.


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