Hair Gloss Keeps Your Hair Vibrant With A Healthy Shine

As the weeks pass between your hair color appointments it’s not uncommon for your color to start to fade and your hair to start looking a little dull. You may think that the only way to restore vibrancy to your hair is to color it again, but too frequent coloring is damaging to your hair. There is an alternative that can restore your shine and make your color look more beautiful and vibrant again. That alternative is hair gloss, and it can restore a healthy sheen to anyone’s mane, dyed or not. Even virgin hair can benefit from a gloss treatment.

Hair Gloss? What Is That?

Hair gloss is exactly what the name implies. It is a salon treatment that coats your strands with an incredibly glossy shine. Dull hair does not reflect light and so it makes your hair color look flat and dull. By restoring your hair’s sheen your color will appear brighter and fresher, and if you choose a color gloss your strands will be infused with a color boost as well. And even if your hair is not color-treated your natural color will be elevated with a gloss treatment as well. Nothing makes your hair look healthier than a brilliant shine.

Benefits Of A Hair Gloss Treatment

There are several benefits to a hair gloss treatment, the most obvious of which is giving your strands a lustrous shine and brighter color. But a color gloss treatment can also be used to adjust highlights that turned out a bit too bright or to combat unwanted brassiness. The gloss treatment smooths and seals your cuticle which helps to prevent tangles and tames frizz, and if your hair is color-treated it will seal the pigment in to help your color last longer.

What About The Maintenance?

Hair gloss treatments are not high maintenance. All you need to do to preserve your glossy shine is to always use sulfate-free hair care products that are specially formulated for color-treated hair. Ask your stylist for recommendations for your particular hair type. And when your shine begins to dull in a few weeks simply come back in for another quick and easy treatment to get your gloss on once again. That is all that there is to it.

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