Take Your Spring Hairstyles To The Next Level With Hair Extensions

It’s no fun waiting for your hair to grow so that you can try out all of the latest trendy styles. It ranks right up there with watching paint dry or watching grass grow on the fun meter. The good news is that you don’t have to wait any longer. You can take all of your spring hairstyles to the next level in a single visit to the salon with hair extensions. Extensions are just the solution you’ve been wishing for to give you the long, luscious styles you’ve been dreaming of this spring. We have stylists who perform both hand-tied and tape-in extensions using the best quality extensions to give you a shiny, healthy, natural-looking head of hair that will turn heads wherever you go.

What Hair Extensions Can Do For You

There are several benefits to hair extensions the most obvious of which is instantly longer hair. But that's not all hair extensions have to offer.

Added Length - No matter how long your hair currently is, be it short, medium length, or long, hair extensions can give you the extra length you need to create your favorite hairstyles or just give your current style some extra pizzazz. It doesn't matter what the texture of your hair is, whether it's naturally curly, permed, or color-treated, you can reap all the wonderful benefits of having instantly longer hair. Sometimes you need that little bit of extra wow factor when you’re looking to impress.

Amazing Volume- If you were born with fine, thin hair or if you are one of the millions of women experiencing hair loss, hair extensions may be just what you’ve been looking for. A few strategically placed wefts can help to fill in and conceal thin spots, or you can add a lot of extensions to give you the volume to create dramatic braids and updos. Extensions can be completely customized to give you just the right amount of amazing volume.

Have Fun With Color- You’re no longer limited to just a few different shades when it comes to hair extensions. Today’s extensions come in a wide variety of colors to allow you the freedom to have fun with hair color without making a big commitment. You can try out highlights and lowlights, and bright splashes of color for a special event, or match your own color for a truly undetectable finish. The choice is yours with the freedom to simply have fun with color.

Added Versatility- You’ll never be locked into just a small handful of hairstyles when you have hair extensions in your arsenal of beauty tools. With the ability to take your hair from your usual shoulder-length lob to long flowing waves on a whim, the sky is the limit when it comes to hairstyle variety. You’ll never have to deal with hairstyle fatigue again!

There’s no question that hair extensions can help you make your hairstyle dreams come true. There is nothing else that offers the instant gratification and style transformation that extensions provide. Schedule a consultation with our hair extension specialists today to discuss your hair goals and allow them the opportunity to assess your hair to be able to recommend the best hair extensions to meet your needs. They will also provide you with product recommendations, home care instructions, and a salon schedule to keep your hair and your extensions looking amazing.
Schedule your hair extensions consultation with the amazing stylists at 209 Salon today and find out how you can take your spring hairstyles to the next level with hair extensions. Give us a call at 972.548.2815 to schedule your consultation today. You can also book an appointment online or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to book your appointments, get appointment reminders, specials, and more. You can find us at 5801 Virginia Parkway, Suite #204 in McKinney.


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