Top Men's Facial Hair Trends of 2022

Over the years attitudes toward facial hair have changed dramatically. Beards have come in and out of style so many times, it could make your head spin. But in recent years beards have gained favor that doesn’t seem to be waning. A beard has become the ultimate statement of masculinity and style. The key to growing awesome facial hair is maintenance. You need to keep it neatly trimmed and groomed, even if you’re going for a rugged look. Here are some of the top trends in the facial hair for this year. Use them as inspiration for developing our own unique facial hair style.

Stubble- Maintaining this style of beard is about as low maintenance as it gets. All you have to do is not shave for a few days. Keep the edges neat to avoid looking scruffy, but skip the razor. That’s all there is to it.

Ducktail- This is an unusual twist on a full beard. The shape of this beard does in fact resemble a duck’s tail, hence the name. It’s a combination of a neatly trimmed beard and a rugged full one- the best of both worlds so to speak. This style isn’t for everyone though. If you have a long narrow face you should probably avoid a ducktail beard.

Circle Beard- This is one of the most popular basic short beard styles. A circle beard is a combination of a rounded goatee and a connected mustache. It has a very neat and clean look that’s perfect for the office.

Imperial Beard- If you like your facial hair to make a bold statement, this is the beard style for you. This majestic style is comprised of a full, neatly trimmed beard and a long swooping mustache that curls up slightly on the ends. It’s the mustache that’s the true focal point of this look.

Van Dyke Beard- This facial hair style is named after a famous Flemish artist, Anthony Van Dyke. It combines a mustache with long sides and a goatee with an inverted V shape. The rest of the hair on the face is shaved and the mustache is styled with a soft upturn at the corners of the mouth.

Chinstrap- A chinstrap beard is a thin line of facial hair that extends from the hairline on one side of the face to the hairline on the other side right along the jawline. Combined with a short goatee and mustache it’s a very sexy and swanky look that will flatter almost anyone.

Garibaldi Beard- This one takes some time to grow. You can expect about a four-month wait to get the full effect. This beard is long and rugged with a neatly rounded bottom. Regular trims are all that’s needed to maintain this style.

Viking Beard- This beard is long and full and ruggedly handsome. Viking beards often incorporate braids, but it isn’t mandatory. Patience is key when growing this style of beard. Facial hair grows about a half inch per month and a Viking beard is 2.5 inches or longer. (The longer it is the more epic it will be.) So you can expect at least 5 months before you reach Viking status.

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